A Chronological List Of C-3PO’s Owners:

26 10 2009
C-3PO Walking

C-3PO Walking

…if they’re on here twice, it means they lost him, then got him back.

  1. Anakin Skywalker (creator)
  2. Shmi Skywalker
  3. Cliegg Lars (through marriage)
  4. Padmé Amidala
  5. Captain Raymus Antilles
  6. Jost Ellon
  7. Lott Kemp
  8. Vik & Nikki Idd
  9. Ambassador Zell of Majoor
  10. Zevel Hortine
  11. Thall Joben
  12. Doodnik
  13. Jann Tosh
  14. Mungo Baobab
  15. Governor Wena of Kalarba
  16. Unknown junk dealer
  17. Pitareeze family
  18. Captain Huba (theft)
  19. Nak Pitareeze and family
  20. Harthan
  21. Zorneth
  22. Stigrit Krax
  23. Larka Nimondro
  24. King Gokus
  25. Van P. Quist
  26. Prince Jagoda
  27. Royal House of Alderaan
  28. Captain Raymus Antilles
  29. Owen and Beru Lars
  30. Luke Skywalker
  31. Jabba Desilijic Tiure
  32. Luke Skywalker
  33. Leia Organa Solo


This droid has been around for a long time, and has been with for the majority high ranking owners, which in Theory would allow C-3PO access to a lot of information the Empire would pay handsomely to know. Also with readily available access to such high ranking individuals, would grant C-3PO many opportunities to be a saboteur or dare I say assassin? Perhaps, in the lightest of light scenarios, he might work best as an “inside man.”

I pulled this list from a fellow C-3PO fan at http://neediest.droid.ever.com/




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