C-3PO Life-Size Figure

24 11 2009

Slideshow Collectibles presents C-3PO: Life-Size Figure.
life size c-3po

Item Number: 2212
Manufactured by: Sideshow Collectibles
Price: US $5950.00
or FLEXPAY for as low as $1000.00 a month

Back Story

These ARE The Droids You’re Looking For…

Nearly 30 years ago, moviegoers were awed by the opening moments of Star Wars. After the immense Imperial Star Destroyer passed overhead in hot pursuit of the Rebel Blockade Runner, the audience was drawn inside the Tantive IV and introduced to two of the most memorable and beloved characters from the Star Wars universe, C-3PO. In George Lucas’ vision, droids can be heroes or villainous bounty hunters – but the galaxy holds as much promise for droids as it does for any other being, be they humanoid or Hutt. The adventures and antics of the fussy protocol droid and his stalwart astromech companion have inspired and entertained generations of Star Wars fans. C-3PO has forever changed popular culture.


  • License:
    • Star Wars
  • Product Type:
    • Life-Size Figure
  • Product Size:
    • 66″ H (1676.4mm)
  • Base Dimensions:
    • 5″ H (127mm) x 30″ W (762mm) x 30″ L (762mm)*
  • Box Size:
    • 54.00″ H (1371.6mm) x 40.00″ W (1016mm) x 48.00″ L (1219.2mm)*
  • Est. Shipping Weight:
    • 290.00 lbs (131.54 kg)*
  • Artist:
    • Fred Barton Productions Inc.
  • Manufactured by:
    • Sideshow Collectibles


Sideshow Collectibles’ C-3PO is the most authentic life-size reproductions ever available to private collectors. Available now for pre-order, these highly-anticipated collectibles will begin shipping in 3rd Quarter 2008. Crafted of fiberglass and various quality materials, this sought-after droid is sure to be the centerpieces of any Star Wars collection, perfect for your home, office, or theater room.

This figure will include light and sound function, for the most ‘real’ experience possible. The light and sound will be powered by the included power cord and U.S. plug, with International (EU) adapter also included. There is no battery option.

Each figure will include a display base, perfect for keeping your favorite droid in a comfortable standing position.

C-3PO will include a restraining bolt accessory, which you may attach via magnets imbedded in the figure.

About Fred Barton:

Fred Barton is the Robot Man. Captivated by characters like Gort and Robby the Robot, Fred discovered a unique talent for model building and the fabrication of robot parts. In 1996, he began creating robots for private collectors and museums. Sideshow Collectibles is proud to partner with Fred Barton to bring new life to C-3PO, employing Fred’s talents to create museum quality reproductions of the two most famous droids from the Star Wars galaxy.

View Site and purchase here: http://www.sideshowtoy.com/?page_id=4489&sku=2212




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