C-3PO Bathing Suit

23 02 2011

A friend of mine found this post on trendhunter.com This is perfect for the up coming swim season.

Below is a direct copy of the article found here: http://www.trendhunter.com/trends/geeky-bathing-suits#!/photos/95338/5

Otherwordly Swimwear

This C-3PO Swimsuit Lets You Hit the Beach in Geeky Style

The C-3PO swimsuit will definitely make you yearn for warmer weather. Based on the ‘Star Wars’ character of the same name, this geeky piece of swimwear will definitely catch plenty of stares.

Undeniably cute, the C-3PO swimsuit takes on both the colors and the designs of the otherworldly robot, adorning golden outlines and clean cuts. See this interesting C-3PO swimsuit along with its partnering R2-D2 swimsuit in the featured gallery.